Sunday, 29 July 2012

Azealia Banks New Face of T Alexander Wang

Yeah I know, my last post was also about Azealia but since now she is the new face of Alexander Wang I had to do an update. I told you she was gonna be the next big thing! Anyways, the female rapper shot a video for the designers new fall T collection which you can view below. “She exudes a certain rawness that makes her a very unique talent,” Wang said about Miss Banks. He also said he loved working on the video with her and that the "collaboration captures a collision of energies." Daniel Jackson directed the fashion video and Azealia sang her song "Van Vogue" from her new album EP 1991. I personally love this collaboration it shows fierceness and a high level of raw energy, thats quite hard to find. I think Banks and Wang go perfectly together.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

girl crush, AZEALIA BANKS

Azealia Banks is a female rapper from Harlem, New York stepping up the game for female rappers everywhere. Her rhythm and speed is some of the best the industries seen in a while. She is like the female version of Busta Rhymes. Her voice is a mix of Missy Elliot and Salt n Peppa. Her style is also turning heads. Her bold hair colours and outfit choices are totally unique, not like Nicki or Gaga, just Azealia. She was crowned 3rd place in 'Sound of the Year 2012' by the BBC and she topped NME's 'Cool List 2011', also her song '212 ft Lazy Jay' made the UK charts and won the Billboard Awards 'New Style Icon 2012' award! I hope we will see a lot of Azealia in the future, because she is on a whole other level.
Image from the music festival coachella.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

teenage style via social networks

This year is the year for teenage style. With the blogging site Tumblr growing more and more everyday, it wont be a surprise if everyone from your best friend to your favourite model join Tumblr by the end of the year. Social Networking sites allow the younger generation to showcase their sense of style and share it will others. The internet is a place where you can be whoever you want to be and can make many teenagers feel confidence to go out in what ever they want. The teenagers on such sites have a very clear image of what they want to wear. You have the totally fashion conscience that will reblog Rodarte and Versace, the grunge/urban blogs that reblog Nirvana tops and dip-dyed hair and the hipster, boho quality and any in between. Teenage years are all about finding yourself and experimenting before you have fully grown up and with school kids becoming more judgemental and bitchy, the internet can help the ones that feel out of place feel like they belong.

But it's not only teenagers that are getting inspiration from social networking sites. Many high-street stores and celebrities are picking up on the online trends making them mainstream. Jeffrey Campbell shoes where first discovered on Tumblr and now are copied by many online stores. Also 'creepers' were shown on almost every Tumblr page last year and now celebrities like Rihanna have been spotted wearing them. What before was original and something to be stared at is now fashion. So before you wait un till previews of your favourite stores new season collection, try looking at some teenage style blogs to inspire you and let you be ahead of the game, or even just to pass time. 

My favourite Tumblr style inspirations include...
Miley Cyrus
Olivia Palermo
Kim Kardashian
Lana Del Rey
Supermodels (Miranda Kerr, Chanel Iman, Daphne Groeneveld...)

Here is two of my Tumblr pages:
'Boho'/'Fashion' -
'Unusual' -