Wednesday, 25 July 2012

girl crush, AZEALIA BANKS

Azealia Banks is a female rapper from Harlem, New York stepping up the game for female rappers everywhere. Her rhythm and speed is some of the best the industries seen in a while. She is like the female version of Busta Rhymes. Her voice is a mix of Missy Elliot and Salt n Peppa. Her style is also turning heads. Her bold hair colours and outfit choices are totally unique, not like Nicki or Gaga, just Azealia. She was crowned 3rd place in 'Sound of the Year 2012' by the BBC and she topped NME's 'Cool List 2011', also her song '212 ft Lazy Jay' made the UK charts and won the Billboard Awards 'New Style Icon 2012' award! I hope we will see a lot of Azealia in the future, because she is on a whole other level.
Image from the music festival coachella.

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